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I converted a Microsoft Access database from. accdb format, and now when I run my usual VBA code to export a report to PDF, it gives me the error: Run- time error ' 13' : Type mismatch. Runtime error 13 usually occurs. How To Import MS Excel Data INTO MS Access Database. You would get a type mismatch if Sheets( name). Cells( 4 + i, 57) contains a non- numeric value. You should validate the fields before you assume they are numbers and try to subtract from them. Also, you should enable Option Strict so you are. This blog is an intent to help you resolve the terrible situation you are experiencing due to runtime error 13. This means the error occurs when Excel users try to run VBA code containing data types that are not matched in the.

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    Excel error runtime

    A Run- time error ' 13' : Type mismatch halfway through looping through a large set of values collected from the worksheet is almost always due to encountering a worksheet error code. Are there any worksheet error codes ( e. Try this version ( untested). Option Explicit Public Sub Counter( ) Dim wsTeachers As Worksheet, wsSubjects As Worksheet Set wsTeachers = Worksheets( " Teachers" ) Set wsSubjects = Worksheets( " Subjects ferencia de VBA para Office Referencia del lenguaje: VBA Error de coincidencia de tipos ( error 13). Error de coincidencia de tipos ( error 13). Tabla de contenido +. Introducción a la referencia del lenguaje VBA. Please feel free to subscribe to my newsletter and get exclusive VBA content that you cannot find here on the blog, as well as free access to my eBook, How to Ace the 21 Most Common Questions in VBA which is full. Avoid using Variant data types, whenever possible. Dim dartFile As String. That' s a good declaration, dartFile is, after all, a String. This returns True in the immediate pane, when you ESC out of the dialog:? I am new to coding and am trying to develop a userform that allows me to populate a database.

    I am trying to set up some validation for the data that can be input to the database through the userform. The code I am using for.